Cipholio Ventures and Kadena Collaborate to Propel Blockchain Innovation

Cipholio Ventures
3 min readJul 3, 2023

Cipholio Ventures, an eminent venture capital fund, and Kadena, a visionary blockchain platform, have teamed up to stimulate blockchain development and digital innovation.

Combining Cipholio Ventures’ expansive expertise around incubating successful projects and Kadena’s innovative blockchain architecture and programming language, Pact, the partnership is dedicated to discovering and nurturing talent for pioneering solutions on Kadena’s platform.

Renowned for spotting high-potential startups, Cipholio Ventures will mentor teams collaborating with Kadena as their first official incubation partner for Kadena ecosystem. With support from Kadena, future grantees will be able to leverage Cipholio’s go to market expertise in parallel with Kadena’s secure, scalable blockchain and redefine decentralized tech utilization.

Key objectives for this initiative include creating cross-organizational Pact language demos, MVPs, and sample code for learning purposes. Additionally, it seeks to identify projects for Kadena’s superior blockchain infrastructure implementation, exploring use-cases like smart wallets, NFTs with real world utility such as equity and event ticketing, privacy use cases leveraging Kadena’s proprietary zk functionality, and more.

Integral to this collaboration, Kadena will extend grants to projects meeting their criteria, further incentivizing innovation.

The ultimate aim is to grow development and knowledge around Kadena and their secure programming language Pact. Through the partnership, teams building on Kadena will have access to Cipholio’s go to market expertise as well as Kadena’s business development and engineering support. Proposals include innovative demos and proofs-of-concept that will be building towards a future that enable developers to write with Pact and deploy on any L1 in the future.

Through this partnership and Kadena’s robust grant program, we aim to grow Kadena’s ecosystem activity with the goal of attracting elite talent and promoting cutting-edge app development. Both entities will host hackathons and workshops, accelerating blockchain adoption and fostering a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment.

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Cipholio Ventures aims to encourage the growth of the blockchain ecosystem by serving as a bridge to connect people, technology, and capital in the decentralized world. We are proud to present Cipholio Accelerator, a program facilitating early-stage blockchain innovation. Our partners have the opportunity to access exclusive information on the startups and connect with the greater VC community. At the end of each season of the Accelerator program, we will have our fantastic Investment Demo Day featuring 150+ institutional investors in our VC [un]DAO.

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