Cipholio Ventures Invests in PolkaPet World, NFT Collection with Interactive Utility on Polkadot

We are pleased to announce, Cipholio Ventures, a global leading investment firm in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, has entered a strategic partnership with PolkaPet World (PPW), which is a unique non-fungible-token (NFT) experience that incorporates various Polkadot projects to provide a blockchain-based interactive utility.

Each PolkaPet World NFT represents a project on Polkadot with ‘special moves’ that correspond to their project’s characteristics. Each Pet also acts like a key to unlock functionality in GameFi & DeFi platforms and future PolkaPet products. There are already 24 kinds of PolkaPets with different utilities, bringing visualized impressions of Polkadot projects to the public, covering all aspects of DeFi, and establishing a comprehensive Polkadot ecosystem.

PPW has raised funds from various leading investors like Cipholio Ventures, Animoca Brands, and Sandbox. With the raised fund, the PPW team will distribute IP assets to the different metaverse and GameFi projects and continuously expand the usage scenarios of PolkaPet.

Cipholio Ventures values and sees the opportunities in the interactivity of blockchain and the symbiotic effects within an organic ecosystem. We believe, by creating pet NFTs for projects on the Polkadot ecosystem, PPW smartly integrates projects’ influence and communicates that in an agreeable way to the public, which in turn will energize NFT and GameFi projects, and boost the whole ecosystem in the long run.

What’s worth mentioning, PolkaPet TCG (Trading Card Game) collection was launched previously and it has gained great success with 600+ partner communities and 4.1K PolkaPet owners, $7.5m in sales, and over $1B market cap for participating projects. The new mini-games based on PolkaPet are also in progress.

We believe that PPW has the potential to empower sandbox-like games to unlock more activity scenes, while PolkaPets will become the ecological nodes in the Polkadot ecosystem that bundle interests among projects, bringing ecosystemic values both to Cipholio Ventures and the whole blockchain industry.

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About Cipholio Ventures:

Cipholio is a team of professional investors and analysts focusing on blockchain and crypto projects. Cipholio will serve as a bridge to connect people, technology, and capital in the decentralized world. We aim to seek opportunities in Web 3.0, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, and Layer 2 based on deep understandings of the industry and data-driven decisions.

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About PolkaPet World:

PolkaPets is a digital, NFT collection that features many Polkadot projects to bring an interactive utility to the blockchain. Each PolkaPet has its own unique attributes from abilities and behaviors that express each Polkadot project individually. PolkaPets brings the ability to utilize NFTs through a gaming community, as well as tying real-world collectibles to the digital markets.

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